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Regimental Photo For 88th New York

88th New York

Affiliation: USA

Europe, Infantry

Historically 88th New York "Mrs. Meagher's Own" was part of the famed Irish Brigade, alongside the Fighting 69th and 63rd. Father William Corby known from Don Troiani's iconic illustrations as he is giving absolution to the men was in fact regimental chaplain of the 88th. Regiment received its nickname thanks to Thomas Meagher's wife who funded the regimental colors.

Founded in 2016 88th New York is one of the longest continuously running regiments within WoR community; while the company leadership had been present already in the times of the kick-starter. Humble in its numbers the company makes up for close nit family of long time friends gathered from all corners of Europe from Ireland, through Spain to the Balkans.

We are part of a larger organization, the Irish Volunteer Brigade (IVB) alongside other Irish regiments of the Civil War era.

Paper Background Image Source: War of Rights