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Regimental Photo For 42nd Pennsylvania / 1st PA Light Artillery

42nd Pennsylvania / 1st PA Light Artillery

Affiliation: USA

Artillery, Europe, Infantry, North America, Skirmishers

The 42nd PA "Bucktails" is an active regiment with both EU and NA companies, for Infantry and Artillery. We're THE oldest WoR Regiment, and always looking for new and veteran players to fill out our ranks. We're happy to train players new to the game, as our veterans and officers have experience and knowledge of effective tactics on all the maps.

The 1st PA Light Artillery "Cooper's Battery B" is our attached artillery support, for those who wish to specialize in long range destructive fire. Our crews learn the most efficient methods of loading, aiming, and communicating with one another to ensure effective fire is constantly placed downrange. Throughout battle events, the 42nd PA and Cooper's Battery routinely demonstrate cooperative vigor to relay information, target fire, and carry the day.

We participate in the EU Altera Campaign, and the NA House Divided Campaign, which are Total War style campaigns, where the battles are fought using War of Rights. Battles for these campaigns are hosted on private servers and populated by the participating regiments.

We also have an active gaming community that has casual sessions of games like Arma 3, Tarkov, Zomboid, etc. Please join our Discord if you have any questions.

Below is our schedule of events:

Company F + 1 Section (EU)

  • Friday - Skirmish Event - 20:15 GMT
  • Saturday- Phase Training - 19:00 GMT
  • Saturday- Altera Campaign - 20:30 GMT

Company E + 2 Section (NA)

  • Friday - Skirmish Event - 21:00 EST
  • Saturday - Drill - 18:45 EST
  • Saturday - A House Divided Campaign Skirmish Event - 20:00 EST
  • Sunday - Optional Skirmish Event - 20:00 EST

Battalion Event

  • Last Saturday of Each Month - 21:00 GMT/17:00 EST
Paper Background Image Source: War of Rights