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Regimental Photo For 1st Virginia Cavalry

1st Virginia Cavalry

Affiliation: CSA

Cavalry, North America

We have exciting things such as:

  • 1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment, Company K "River Rangers"

  • JEB Stuarts finest, Lee's Eyes and Ears, the Firstest with the Mostest,

  • Rootin Tootin Dead Body Lootin

  • Colt Pocket Shootin Grudge Match Dukin

  • Rye Whiskey Pukin Rebel Yell Rootin and Now Recruitin

  • Once rated "High C Tier, Lower B Tier" in the War of Rights Regimental Tier List June 2021 Edition!

  • Hit a target consistently at 300 yards within 30 minutes on the range with us, or your money back.

  • Denmark has no mountains, and is therefore devoid of bullet drop, and ambition. But with members from Thailand to South Africa to Australia, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, Italy, Germany and Albany, we have several prominent terrain features to use as target indicators.

Participating in both NA and EU events.

Merit goes to optimism and effort, not seniority.

Our YouTube, regularly updated

Paper Background Image Source: War of Rights