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Regimental Photo For 5th United States Cavalry

5th United States Cavalry

Affiliation: USA

Cavalry, Europe, North America, Skirmishers

While most regiments in-game fight in close order formations slowly moving with men shoulder to shoulder, the 5th Regulars focuses on skirmishing and maneuverability upon the battlefield. The regiment prides itself on being heavily dedicated to recreating an immersive experience as to what the role of a cavalryman was like during the American Civil War. Maintaining historical authenticity is shown through the use of period correct manual "Poinsett's Cavalry Tactics" for drill and battle where company structure models itself after how a historical cavalry company would have been formed with certain numbers of Sergeants, Corporals, and lieutenants all with their respective duties and positions within its formations.

We take pride in our ability to work as a cohesive unit and value the time and effort required to be proficient with the period drill. We value the thoughts and ideas of all members of our company and, standards of courtesy and professionalism are required. If you have a love for history, roleplay, and work well in a team you will fit in well here. By joining the Fifth Regulars, you are guaranteed to partake in historically authentic drills, privately organized events, all the while maintaining an immersive experience through roleplay and mil-sim.

Paper Background Image Source: War of Rights