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Regimental Photo For 5th Florida Infantry Regiment

5th Florida Infantry Regiment

Affiliation: CSA

Artillery, Infantry, North America

The 5th Florida Infantry & Kilcrease Artillery Battery is recruiting!

The 5th Florida Infantry Regiment is an NA focused regiment with a lengthy history in the community and skilled players and leadership. With a near 70% win rate, and a current average of 20+ players per event we are feared and loathed by many. While Victory and the state of Florida mean a great deal to us, we are practical when necessary and relaxed when not and try to provide a positive community environment. We do not have any strict rules on attendance and are more than understanding with your personal lives. We only hope to create a fun, cohesive and bountiful atmosphere in the War of Rights community and hope that you might be of interest in strengthening our cause for glory!

Regiment Schedule:

  • Wednesday Regimental Drill at 8PM EST/1AM London Time
  • Saturday Night Skirmishes at 8PM EST/1AM London Time
  • Sunday Sussy Brigade Battle Event at 8PM EST/1AM London Time

Unit Organization:

Consists of: 2 Line Infantry Companies Kilcrease Artillery Battery

We are always looking for more good NCO's and Officers and if nothing else another Rifle aimed at Billy Yank. Attendance is never mandatory.

Paper Background Image Source: War of Rights